10 Traits of Successful Creative Entrepreneurs

Take a look at yourself and your situation. How many of these describe you?


10 Traits of Successful Creative Entrepreneurs. See thee list at www.ArtsBusinessInstitute.org


1.  Many of them come from a family background of entrepreneurs. It’s almost in their DNA to be independent business people.

2.  They look at their customers as “collectors” rather than just purchasers. They see galleries who handle their work as “partners” rather than just accounts. This stems from a Win/Win mindset, where everyone benefits. Every sale is an opportunity to connect and build business further.

3.  They are outgoing, especially with respect to their work. They want to tell their story, and understand the fascination that people have about work made by hand. Their approach is authentic and enthusiastic.

4.  They are curious. They want to learn new processes, and tend to explore deeply in their own studio practice. They are inspired by new materials and techniques and often invent their own.

5.  They are passionate. Successful artists and craftspeople tend not to be clock watchers. Instead, they often lose track of time in the studio because of their devotion to their handmade work. They have a compulsion to create which goes beyond simply an interest, and may feel that making their work is essential to their life.

6.  They have the support of their family and friends. This support extends to respecting their time and their work, and ambitions for their small business.

7.  They are flexible. Entrepreneurs often have to “go with the flow” of events. They have to work with customers who have special requests or need to make changes. They build in time for experiments, mistakes and learning. They are problem-solvers who can see things from different angles, and find solutions.

8.  They are self-motivated. Each day, they are excited to enter the studio, and also to work on building their dream business. The satisfaction they derive from their success is fuel to move forward.

9.  They are organized. They have a plan, and they work it consistently. They keep track of expenditures, time, opportunities, sales and their marketing and sales activities. They make To Do lists, and know how to prioritize.

10.  They are persistent, which stems from a belief in themselves and what they are doing. They have a “can-do” attitude and are driven to succeed through ongoing action.

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