10 Ways Services Can Add Value to Your Art

Offer these services with the purchase of your handmade fine craft or artwork and add to the experience and value of owning your work. Your customers will thank you!


Selling Artwork


1.  Framing – When customers buy an original piece of art or print, quite frequently matting and framing can be the most expensive part of the equation. This can become an objection to the sale whether the buyer expresses it or not. Offering to mat and/or frame artwork for the customer for a specified price can overcome fears of custom framing prices. As the artist, suggest the best mat and frame for the art and for the environment where it will hang. Acting in a consultative manner on this subject can be a great help to a customer who doesn’t feel they have the ability to choose the best match.

2.  Personalization – Nothing is more dear to a customer than their own name – or the name of the person for whom they are buying your work. Offering to personalize with a name, date, place, or occasion such as a graduation or wedding can seal the deal. It could even become a mainstay of your business if you work lends itself to this service.

3.  Original signature by the artist – Your signature is a valuable part of your artwork, and when you take the time to sign the mat of a limited edition, or add your name on the bottom of a vessel, or place your name on a Certificate of Authenticity, you have just upped the value.

4.  Commissions – Taking commissions from customers should allow you to charge top dollar for your work. When pricing, consider the conversations you will have before the work starts, meetings with the buyer or decision makers, communication while the artwork is in progress, and other costs involved, and charge accordingly. Art buyers who commission work are often good sources of referrals to other people who may consider this service in the future, so make sure you stay in touch with them.

5.  Gift wrapping – A simple service, offering to gift wrap can be a lifesaver at times, and one that your customers will surely appreciate. Make sure that even if you offer to wrap their purchase for free, your time and materials for this service are written into your prices.

6.  Shipping services – Everybody hates shipping costs. When you offer to drop ship, or if you include shipping in the price of an order, you will have a happy customer. Again, make sure that you understand you may offer this service, have a grasp on the costs, and write it into the price of the artwork.

7.  Free repair – This guarantee is a great benefit to mention when you are making the sale, and helps smooth the way. It eases fears, and shows that you stand behind your work. This added service will rarely be used, but when it is, can be a great way to give excellent customer service to a retail customer. When you offer free repairs through your wholesale accounts, they gain from customer goodwill also.

8.  Installation services – If you artwork is heavy, awkward or difficult to install, this service may be essential to keeping you in business. You will also have an opportunity to see the customer’s home or office, therefore being in a position to see their space and get to know them. This puts you in an excellent position to cultivate collectors, selling multiple pieces of your work to them.

9.  Cleaning of artwork – This service also can make all the difference between a prospect and a customer. If your work requires special cleaning, you can offer the service, and take advantage of the continued contact with your collector to encourage them to look at your recent work, and possibly make more sales.

10. Unveiling – When a customer makes a large purchase, or commissions art, you can enhance their experience by appearing at their home or office at an unveiling party. This comes under the heading of “luxury services” but may be just the right touch to close those high-end sales.


Do you offer any other services to your customers? What are they?


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