10 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Art Website

More website traffic equals more potential sales. Here’s how to increase those visitors.


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Is your website suffering from loneliness and inactivity? Today, you need a website to be taken seriously as an artist. After all the work to put it together, you want visitors, right? After all, your website is your 24/7 headquarters to spread the message about your art. Try these tips to gain visitors, and subscribers:

1.  Create social media profiles of your choice and stay active by updating and posting. Promote your work in progress, upcoming shows, blog posts and more. Remember to share links for friends and contacts also. They will reciprocate by sharing links to your site, thereby driving traffic.

2.  Send readers of your email newsletter to your website, by way of a “Call to Action” in your message. Likewise, ask visitors to your website to subscribe to your email newsletter. You can easily insert an opt-in form to gain subscribers through Feedburner.

3.  List your website address on your business card, brochures, hangtags and receipts. (However, if you are shipping products wholesale to retailers, your website address should not be printed on materials available to customers. As a partner to your retailers, you should be encouraging customers to buy from retailers rather than shop on your site.)

4.  When shipping out a retail order, include your website address in the package with an invitation to visit. A coupon or free shipping offer on the next order is one tactic that some artists use to encourage visits.

5.  Use a QR code to get people with smartphones to go immediately to your site. These codes can be printed on business cards, postcards, signage or almost anywhere. The link in your QR code can even take website visitors to a page on your site with a special offer.

6.  Create your own smartphone app, at AppGuppy, and encourage fans to use it. They can stay current with your site instantly!

7.  Add Google Analytics to your website. Where is your traffic coming from? Focus on those sources that are most active. If you find that a blogger has given you a link, reach out and thank them for it. Make the most of every connection, and let them know you would be happy to share their links. Giving is the first part of receiving.

8.  Submit your web pages or blog to StumbleUpon, which is a site that promotes surfing to all kinds of amazing web pages. Your website can get hundreds of hits this way. Don’t forget to keep that opt-in to your newsletter on every page so you can gain subscribers!

9.  Join Triberr. This site exists to share great content on social media. This means that you will need a blog and post content to it regularly. The concept is that bloggers of all types join groups that match their subject, and share each other’s links, creating greater “reach” for everyone.

10. Swap links with other artists and groups. In a guild? Become a strategic partner with other artists you know, and promote each other through social media and in your email newsletters. Consider writing a blog post about another artist, including a link to their site. They can reciprocate, bringing you traffic as well.

What are your best strategies for driving traffic to your art website? Please share.

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