12 Great Blog Topics for Artists

Do you blog about being an artist? It’s a great way to produce new content for your art website, and draw in visitors. What to write about? Here are some ideas.


Pastels and pastel art background


  1. Share your inspiration. Is your art about nature? Spirituality? Travel? No matter the source, blog about what motivates you to create. Include photos that led to some of your favorite designs. People love to find out more about artists, and how they create. This topic can become a series or monthly feature.
  2. Work in progress. How do you do what you do? Technique and process are fascinating, especially to customers who love what you produce and want to get the inside story on how you do it. Have you developed your own unique way of working in the studio? Step-by-step photos following a piece of art from start to finish make a wonderful blog entry.
  3. Exhibiting at a fair or festival. Describe and show images:  packing up and traveling to the show, your set up, merchandising the booth, and selling your work at the fair. This could be one article, or a series of posts that tell your story as an exhibitor.
  4. Share other artists’ work. Want to spread the word even further about your artwork and get more traffic to your site? Exchange blog posts with another artist by writing about each other, or even “guest blogging” on each other’s sites and sharing links. This will help build an audience for both of you.
  5. Release of new art. What’s new? That’s a frequent question posed to artists. Post your newest pieces of work, whether you are debuting a new jewelry collection or even your “daily painting” practice. As a visual artist, you have a huge advantage as a blogger because you will be able to share compelling images of art. And what is better than that?
  6. Upcoming schedule. Got an event coming up? Let your blog subscribers know that they are invited, and also document your preparation for each.
  7. Hanging a gallery show. Blog about the preparation and displaying your work in a gallery or an exhibition. People are fascinated by the inside world of galleries and art events. Give them a peek at the preparation and how you show your work to its best advantage.
  8. Photos from an Open Studio. Inviting guests to your studio? Or even participating in a pop-up event? Share the food, the wine, and the demonstrations you are giving, or the crowd that comes to see your latest work.
  9. A visit to your studio – on video! What does your studio look like – large and airy? Small and cozy? Organized or messy? What tools do you use? Write a post or take a video and give the tour.
  10. Photos of your work “in situ” or on a model. Showing your art in the environment where it should hang, or on a model, tabletop or other appropriate photo helps your fans visualize owning your artwork themselves. If you recently installed a piece in a home or office, take a snapshot and share, as you celebrate your newest sale.
  11. Pets in the studio. Does your studio have a mascot who keeps you company? Pets are loved by almost everyone. Post photos of your pets in the studio and share their stories. This can be a whimsical departure from the serious business of making art.
  12. Sneak preview for subscribers only. Reward your blog subscribers by inviting them to a “sneak peek” – some artists do this by running a special private sale before the public is invited to buy. Everyone loves getting the first look at the best selection!


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