5 Ways to Improve Your Art Website About Page

The About page is one of the most visited pages on any art website. Is yours doing the best job possible to represent you? Use these five strategies to improve it.


All About Me


1. Focus on the visitor. Is your About page about you as the artist? Yes, but it’s also very much about the site visitor. You will be sharing your story here, but you must relate it to what the reader cares about. That means that you should tie in what you make to what they want. Here’s the place to share benefits, talk about your collectors, and use the words “you” and “your” freely. Make that emotional connection by talking directly and authentically to your visitor. If you want them to buy your work, then the marketing has to be focused on their needs and wants. When you write your About page, put yourself in the visitor’s shoes. They want to know, “What’s in it for me?” So, let them know!

2. Make it reader-friendly. Is your About page rife with long paragraphs and sentences? Most people don’t have the attention span to read all that material. The average visitor will give your website a few seconds to grab their attention before they move on. Use small paragraphs with concise sentences. Allow space on the page to give some visual relief, as too much clutter can be overwhelming. Keep your layout and your content clean and simple.

3. Use your photo. A basic marketing principle is that your customers must know, like and trust you. How do they come to know you? Your photo is incredibly important in this regard; it makes you seem more real, and become memorable to them. A studio shot is perfect for an About page, or upgrade a bit and use a video, which can be very effective in introducing you and your artwork to the visitor. Keep that video short, about 2 – 3 minutes long. Show your work in process as you tell your story and share your inspiration.

4. Share testimonials. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to gain sales, so spread the word when you get a satisfied customer. Your About page is a perfect place to use testimonials from people who love what they have purchased from you. A testimonial should be brief but compelling, include the speakers’ first and last name, and preferably a thumbnail photo of them.

5. Email subscriber opt-in. A signup form to grow your email list belongs not only on your About page, but on every page of your website. Visitors who enjoy your collection can then sign up easily. Follow up by staying in touch through regular email marketing campaigns. Remember, the first contact rarely results in a sale. Repeat contact is what makes the difference between an admirer and a customer.



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