7 Steps to Growing Your Art Business in the New Year

Do you have a plan to increase exposure and drive sales in the upcoming year? Here are some ways to get started:


Vision, Plan, Success, Strategy


1.  Evaluate your body of work. Do you have enough that is new? (30% each year is optimum) Have you culled the weakest pieces so that your portfolio is top-notch? Or do you need more skills, and more depth? If so, consider taking a course or workshop with an artist you respect to learn all you can and further develop your style.

2.  Put together an excellent presentation that clearly communicates the concept of your line. Use professional photos, and carefully craft your information to explain the benefits to your customers, whether retail or wholesale.

3.  Create a plan. What is your priority for this upcoming year? What markets do you want to reach? Break down your yearly plan into monthly goals and achievable steps that you can follow and check off the list.

4.  Do your research. Identify your ideal customers and build prospect lists. Know and understand your competition and their strategies – would they work for you? Seek new opportunities. Stay current with the latest ways to market your small business.

5.  Reach out. Start a marketing calendar to stay motivated to promote and publicize your work on a regular basis. Then, when you get response, follow up.

6.  Commit to networking by joining groups that put you in the company of professional artists. This will encourage you to “up your game”. Find an artist salon, guild or even an online discussion group that challenges you to be your very best. Use your networking activities to cultivate strategic alliances with others who serve the same audience but do not compete with you.

7.  Take action now. There is no time like the present. When you take even one action per day to further your business, you create a habit that works to build success.


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