8 Ways to Share Your Art with Subscribers

Do you send a monthly email newsletter to subscribers? ABI presents eight ideas to share your work and create interest.


8 Ways to Share Your Art with Subscribers. Find these tips on www.ArtsBusinessInstitute.org


When you contact subscribers, you aren’t always making a sales pitch. In fact, most of your email content should not be trying to make a sale, but should focus on making a connection with people who are interested. Draw them in to learn more about you as an artist, and your art.

  1. Include a special feature just for subscribers. One incentive to subscribe is getting exclusive content. If you are having an open studio, why not invite subscribers to a special early preview to get first look at your work and enjoy refreshments? Or give free shipping on orders for an upcoming holiday, for subscribers only.
  2. What inspires you? Telling your story is a powerful way to attract fans and gain sales. Recall something that really inspired you this month, and show the results and your interpretation. Did you take a trip or notice the seasons changing? How did this new piece fit into or evolve from your current direction?
  3. Take them inside the studio. Work in progress is always fascinating. Most people love the idea of being an artist, and they may have no idea how you create your handmade work. Include a collage of photos showing the steps to making a new piece of art. By sharing the complexity or time involved in your studio work, you build value in the eyes of your collectors.
  4. Announce your newest collection. Ready to debut your new spring line of jewelry, or a series that you just created? Take a photo of a grouping, or use a teaser to link back to your art website for the whole collection. People love to see what’s new, and images are the best way to share.
  5. Celebrate an achievement. Did you just win a prize, gain some press or finally get into that gallery you’ve been salivating over? Share the good news, with an attitude of gratitude. People who love your work want you to do well, so let them know!
  6. Share a Collector Story. This is a great way to help your subscribers imagine owning your work. Did you visit your client’s home to install a painting? Did a bride wear one of your special necklaces at her wedding? Tell the story, with accompanying photos.
  7. Send an Invitation. This could be to attend a fair or festival you have coming up, or you might consider inviting your subscribers to connect with you on social media. (Don’t forget to follow them back!) Social media creates a passive stream of communication with your subscribers. As they see your art on Facebook, Instagram or other platform over and over, you become more memorable to them.
  8. Behind the Scenes. What is it like to set up for a fair or festival? Or hang a gallery show? Was your work featured in a fashion show where you helped the models who were wearing your handmade clothing? Share that back story. A peek behind the scenes shares what it’s like to be in your business. The public doesn’t often hear how it all works. They may be fascinated by the whole process.


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