ABI’s Workshop Critique

At our annual Winter Workshop, ABI’s workshop critique gives important feedback about your work, your price points and potential markets.


Reviewing work by artists for critique

Gallery owners, art leaders and ABI faculty review the emerging artist exhibition.


Recently, a workshop participant reviewed her experience at an Arts Business Institute workshop event. She got a lot out of the presentations, artist panel and discussion, but indicated that to her personally, the most valuable information she received was from her critique/consultation. She said that it “helped me to know that I need to find my artistic voice and focus on that.”

At the upcoming Art Business Workshop in Washington DC ,  specific feedback on each artist’s handmade work will given in the Emerging Artist’s Exhibition. This exhibition is held each winter at this workshop, which takes place simultaneously with the American Made Show.

Gallery owners and buyers are invited to review the displays of art and handmade craft work brought to the event by workshop students. Arts Business Institute faculty members, and invited experts review work as well. Written feedback and suggestions are given to each student with the purpose of helping them improve their work and understand potential markets.

Is your collection well-made, with a signature style that is appealing to customers? Are your prices within an appropriate range, or are they too low or too high? Is your work suitable for a gift store, museum shop, garden center or other venue? What is missing from your collection that might be saleable in the marketplace? Evaluations and suggestions from third parties who are in the business of selling art and handmade work can help the artist to further develop their style, take a close look at their pricing structure, and consider new opportunities for sales.

The opportunity to display work for feedback is an optional activity at the two day workshop, which also includes eight speaker presentations, an artist panel, tour of the American Made Show, and an invitation to attend the awards ceremony for the 2016 NICHE Awards.

Learn more about the upcoming workshop here.


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