Are You Ready to Start Marketing?

ABI presents a list of basics that every creative entrepreneur should have before starting to promote.


Selling Wholesale


Do you aspire to sell your art? Take note of these preliminaries before you enter the marketplace.

You need a body of work that is cohesive and makes sense.  Do you have an appealing collection with a signature style that’s all your own? And within that collection, do you have a variety of sizes, price points, palettes or other variations to give options to wholesale buyers?

Your prices must be profitable. If you don’t set your prices correctly, you could be losing money, and that’s a good way to go out of business. Do the math and understand your formula clearly so that you can set appropriate wholesale prices that bring you a profit margin and keep your business growing.

Your images must be excellent. You will stumble out of the gate if you don’t have outstanding images. That means jury shots, detail shots, in situ shots and marketing photos. All of these will be used in your marketing efforts at different times. Your competition has great images of their work; be prepared to do the same.

Understand your target customer. If you don’t know who you are selling to, how will you be able to reach out to them through the right channels? A scattershot approach is useless. Create a customer profile with detailed information on demographics, preferences and more, and why your work appeals to them.

Create a message that resonates with your audience. When you know your prospective customer, you can compose a message and marketing campaign that reaches out to them and taps into what they value. Art is an emotional purchase; how will you communicate in a way to make that connection? How will you share the benefits to the customer?

Make sure you have a compelling online presence. Your art website is your online headquarters, and needs to represent your business effectively. Does your website function well? Does it have current content and images? Does it provide sufficient information to make your customers feel confident in making a purchase? Go over your site carefully, and make sure it is visitor-friendly. You may even want to have a wholesale section (which can be password-protected) to allow retailers to shop and purchase right on your website.


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