Art & Craft Fair Fails

If you’ve been in “show business” long enough, you’ve had some oh-so-dreadful experiences that you may want to forget. They happen. Sometimes, though, they even make good stories.


City Craft Fair


Have you ever ….

Done so many shows in a row that you weren’t sure which state you were currently in?

Arrived at a show on the wrong weekend?

Stood in the pouring rain wondering what you were doing, and if you’d lost your mind?

Packed up your booth in five minutes flat during a weather disaster?

Had your booth completely blown away? Did you find it later?

Clip someone else’s booth during setup with your car?

Arrived at a show and a staff member approached you, saying “Well, we’ve got some bad news …”

Met your craziest customer ever, who wouldn’t leave your booth?

Realized when you got to a faraway show that you packed your vehicle but forgot to include your suitcase/lights/inventory/tent poles/show change? (Or, fill in the blank)

Arrived at a show to find your booth assignment was in the worst possible space?

Had a show so bad that you sold nothing at all? And placed bets with other exhibitors whether anyone would make a sale that day?

Ended up with the exhibitor “neighbor” from hell?

Had some of these awful experiences and been able to laugh about them later?

What’s your best story?


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