Art & Humor

Delightful whimsy, visual jests and high jinks – these four artists create work that is just plain fun. We asked them what inspired their work, and how they sell.


Artwork by Patricia Bingham. She appears in the article "Art & Humor" at


Artist Pat Bingham works in watercolor, acrylic and assemblage. She says, “I believe that art can be many things; beautiful,  meaningful, and fun. My paintings are created to elicit smiles and I do this with visual surprises that aren’t always readily apparent, but if looked at closely the ‘joke’ becomes obvious. I display in the local gallery, art walks, and online, and to my delight, have found that people now expect this of my art. While I take my art seriously, I’ve always found humor therapeutic and feel that my art provides a much needed respite from life’s slings and arrows.”


Artwork by UK artist Salty DeSouffle. Her work is included in the article Art & Humor at


Scottish artist Salty DeSouffle embraces the absurd, explaining, “I love to trawl flea markets and car boot sales for unwanted family photographs, royal scrapbooks, ephemera, paintings and vintage prints; turning the unloved into the cherished. The day job as graphic designer helps turn my vision into reality, blending mixed-media collage with often distressed frames so that it’s unclear to some which parts are new, creating flamboyant, kitsch/pop surreal humorous pieces. Selling work can be a tough gig. You need to be all over social media and try every online gallery going, taking quality photos of your pieces from various angles. Generally I think people prefer to buy art from galleries rather than online, but it’s best to cover all options.”


Artwork by Jen Poteet. See her work in Art & Humor at


Illustrator Jen Poteet shares her charming work, and states, “I want to create art that inspires the viewer’s imagination. I want to tell you a story. My reoccurring muses are often friendly monsters and never judging a book by its cover. I just published my first children’s book that I wrote and illustrated. I layer mixed water medium, pen and colored pencils on coffee stained paper. I use social media to sell most of my work and find exhibit opportunities. Instagram and Facebook are good avenues for artists to sell and meet others in the arts community.”


Artwork by Chris Hopkins. He is featured in Art & Humor; see it at


Working in acrylic and colored pencil, artist Chris Hopkins presents a vibrant portfolio. He says, “My goal is to make art that creates joy. Ocean life, birds and trees are some examples of my favorite images to explore. My composition design is created with the geometry that exists in nature known as the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio. Art Deco, Art Nuevo and Surf Art have greatly influenced my work as well. I use a bright cheerful color pallet to influence my audience with color psychology. I teach animation by day and sell my art at local art festivals and shops on nights and weekends. My studio is at the HIVE in Jenks, Oklahoma.”



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