Art Sales Grow in the Covid Pandemic

Our most vibrant retail shopping districts shut down last spring when COVID-19 cases surged. This last fall cases spiked across the country. How your town or city deals with the crisis will likely vary from county to county and even street to street. Downtowns need galleries, but do galleries need a pricey downtown location? The world of art marketing is changing fast as dealers and artists pivot to meet the needs of collectors who are unlikely to attend a crowded gallery opening anytime soon. Visitors in an art gallery. When should art prices be increased? Read our article at

In the recession waves of the 1980’s most of the top department stores filed for bankruptcy. In the months after 9/11 stores were empty. After the banking crisis of ’09 main street suffered again. Will your galleries survive the COVID crisis? Online sales of art in all price points are soaring. Both Christie’s and Sotheby’s auction houses discovered new opportunities to build relationships with collectors who were homebound during the pandemic. while smaller galleries suffered. The rise in their sales proved one thing… nurturing personal relationships and building a strong network of support is critical to the success of every artist and dealer. While the internet opened many doors for sales… it’s the phone and zoom contacts that closed those deals. Reach out and prosper.

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