Artist as Businessperson

Cultivating a business attitude in addition to using creativity is key to making art sales.




Is being creative mutually exclusive from being a business pro? Hardly. Some of the most famous artists in history were excellent salespeople who keenly understood how to cultivate potential customers. Known as a shrewd businessman, Pablo Picasso is a classic example of an artist who knew how to promote his art and close the sale.

At The Arts Business Institute, our mission is to teach the art of business to creative entrepreneurs precisely because those skills give them an edge and a greater opportunity to succeed.

In fact, if you have a background in business prior to becoming an entrepreneur, your odds of making it in an art or craft business are significantly higher. Obtaining business skills and knowledge through workshops, mentoring, research and practice serve artists well when it comes to entering the marketplace.



How does creativity interface with business strategy? They are actually two sides of the same coin. Building a portfolio and product line with your target customer in mind is a sales activity. Understanding how to build value  into your product when designing plays a major factor in saleability.

Likewise, your sales skills benefit from your creativity. How do you approach social media? Are you using your creative skills to enhance your story and your presentation? How does your own personal signature style make your work identifiable and desirable? Use your creativity to plan studio time making art or craft that will surprise and delight your audience. Your passion and enthusiasm for your work will shine through.



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