Build Your Artist Network

Why do Artists Need a Network?



Because often it is who you know that can help you succeed rather than what you know. Talent is wonderful, but it does not open doors like good connections can.

Because word-of-mouth referrals are the best possible type of business leads you can get. Your network can provide this for you.

Because an attitude of creating a “win” for everyone involved is a great model on which to base your business. Effectively networkers think this way.

Because giving referrals and helping your network brings referrals and help back to you, too.


“For it is in giving that we receive.”   Francis of Assisi


Because networking builds relationships, which are the basis of good business.

Because your network is never restricted to the people you personally know; it extends to everyone in your network and all their connections, too. This is a powerful and influential reach.

Because your network will provide you with resources and opportunities.

Because in the process of making business connections, you will quite often end up making friends.

Because a network of other artists who are as committed as you are will offer the kind of support and understanding that you need to get through tough times.

Because your artist network will also help you celebrate your victories along the way.


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