6 Booth Display Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Show

Show season is upon us, and artists everywhere are planning their booth displays. Make sure you don’t make any of these major mistakes:


1. Too much clutter. Jamming your booth display with too much merchandise can be overwhelming, confusing and a big turnoff to shoppers. It makes your work look like a commodity, too. Concentrate on highlighting your art or craft work so that each piece is special – pedestals can work nicely to separate work, or use stepped displays for smaller work.

 2. Poor lighting. Whether or not your booth has proper lighting can make or break your show. Dim or dark booths are often ignored. If your space will be inside a large tent or in a building where lights are far overhead, make sure you have proper and sufficient lighting to show your work to it’s best advantage.


Street Art Fair


 3. Undraped tables. This is a big no-no, suitable for a yard sale but certainly not an art or a craft show. And how high are those tables? Do customers have to bend over to look at your work? Focus on displaying your work in the “sweet spot” which is centered at eye level for best effect.

4. Narrow entrance. Shoppers often don’t want to cross the “invisible line” by stepping into a booth with a narrow entryway because it makes them feel trapped. Leave your entrance open and welcoming rather than restrictive. A corner booth can be an advantage here.

 5. “No touch” zone. Is your work available to be held and touched? If so, you are far more likely to make sales. Use the senses such as touch, hearing and smell to add a powerful new dimension to your presentation. When speaking with a customer, place the item they are considering in their hand if possible, or encourage them to touch.

 6. Unstable structure. A shaky booth without good support can easily tip or be lifted by a strong gust of wind. Is your booth well-grounded, with weights and sturdy walls? Make sure shoppers can’t inadvertently lean on part of your booth and bring the whole structure down.


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