Build Your Art Business Locally

The easiest place to sell your work might be right near your home. Use these tips to meet local business people, contacts and collectors.


Painting at a local fair. Learn how to build a local following at


Reach out to local businesses directly. Banks, coffee shops, libraries and theaters are places where art can be displayed. Make a point to meet business owners and speak with them about showing your art. When you get some interest,consider suggesting an informal “opening” and send out invitations. That will bring potential customers through their doors for both of you.

Have an open studio. Bring local shoppers right to your own studio door by participating in an open studio or art walk event. This helps you build a collector base that you can get to know in person – which is a very powerful thing. Gather email addresses and mailing addresses to grow your list and keep invitations going out to these interested parties for future sales.

Join an art community. Not only does an art council, group or salon provide resources and assistance, you can make some very good friends at this type of event. You can also learn about local exhibition opportunities, fairs and festivals, or a co-op gallery that will help sell your work.

Join a business networking group. These popular groups are where business people meet each other for the purpose of furthering their own businesses, as well as giving referrals to others. Do you want to meet local interior designers who are looking for artists like you? Or perhaps a realtor who may be able to bring you in on a home staging project with your art? This is a great way to come to know all types of people who have their own networks of contacts. Some of them might know others are are a perfect match for your creative business. You should be willing to “pay it forward” and recommend resources and give referrals as well, which is the essence of networking.

Get some local press. Writers and reporters always need material for stories, and artists are interesting people! Put together great photos of your work, and a compelling story for their readers. You can reach out to press members through email, or check these tips to get noticed. Once you get exposure through a local or regional magazine or newspaper, stay in touch with the reporter. If they know you as an expert who has fascinating things to say, they will likely use you again in their writing.



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