Keeping Your Art Business On-Trend

Trends these days are continuously evolving, and small businesses must keep up with social changes to reach out to their important target market.


Business Trends


Getting Mobilized

More people than ever are viewing websites on mobile devices. Every artist who is serious about their web presence needs to address whether their site is mobile-friendly and compatible. Your website is headquarters for your business online, and it is frequently referred to by customers and potential gallery buyers. Don’t frustrate them when they try to navigate your site on their mobile.

Some artists have even made their art itself mobile-friendly, with artsy, fun and functional QR codes  incorporated as design elements.




Crowds, Crowds, Crowds

It’s the power of the masses who curate, share and choose what is popular and what is not. Crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, crowd curating. How does this affect you as an artist?

If you need funds for a project or startup idea, you might try Kickstarter or other crowdfunding platform – and take some tips here to make your presentation effective.

Curation websites, where artists submit designs to be voted on by the public, are on the increase. Threadless was a pioneer in this trend. Crowd curation recently played a big part in Brooklyn Museum’s “GO Brooklyn” open studio event . And the website uses curation to promote the most crowd-pleasing products, which feature artists’ designs.

Crowdsourced Art projects are on the rise, too. For example, Norwegian artist David Sandum launched the recent Twitter Art Exhibit    as a charity project. In 2012, there were 365 postcards with handmade art submitted by artists for the exhibit, which took place in Norway. The 2013 LA #twitterartexhibit curated by Nat George and Virginia Ace received over 700 cards. It opened on January 12, 2013 at Exhale Gallery in Los Angeles as a charity benefit project.


David Sandum, Founder of #TwitterArt Exhibit

David Sandum, Founder of #TwitterArt Exhibit



The advent of variable data printing years ago provided a way to print individual items with different designs. The rise of POD websites where artists can sell has exploded into areas from clothing to accessories to housewares and more. This can be an extra income stream for artists who want to take advantage of it. POD fits well into the current design trend towards personalization as well.


Responsible Consumption

Although Gen Y has been called “the generation who doesn’t buy stuff”, they are into big ideas – such as recycled, upcycled, repurposed and sustainable products for living, and this trend continues strongly into 2013. Artists who use these types of materials should promote the fact in their marketing and advertising. This feel-good benefit is becoming mainstream – and expected.


retail stores


Supporting Local

Consumers these days are catching on to the fact that money spent locally stays in their communities. And merchants are finding ways to promote local artists and craftspeople to show their support not only of their town but of the arts. From movements such as Small Business Saturday to buying Hyperlocal, this trend is all about keeping things where they matter – in the community that you live in and care about.


What trends do you pay attention to in your business? What have you noted that has made a difference in your marketing and sales?

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