Checklist for Professional Presentation

Are you serious about your creative business? Put your best foot forward and get taken seriously by those important prospective customers.


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One of the biggest mistakes that artists make is jumping into the marketing arena before they are truly ready. The result may be an amateurish presentation and a marketing message that is unfocused.

There’s a lot of competition in the marketplace. It’s a crowded place where you must work hard to be noticed. Quite a few of your competitors are struggling to be seen and heard, and are unsure how to best market and sell what they make. Consequently, they aren’t getting the traction with sales that is necessary to grow a business.

Others have more success. Why? Chiefly because they have an interesting concept, a professional presentation, and a clear message. Customers want to own beautiful pieces of handmade work made by experts who know what they are doing. This is the impression you must give. When you commit to a high level of professionalism in your small business, you have a distinct advantage.

Trust is the basic ingredient in any business relationship. You can start building trust with customers by presenting everything about your handmade work and your business as professionally as possible. Review our checklist to see what is in already in place in your own small business, and what steps you need to take to improve your presentation.

Checklist for Professional Presentation:

1. A cohesive collection ready to sell. Have you designed your line in a signature style that is appealing to the customer? Does it all make sense, and do the products in your collection lead logically from one sale to the next?

2. Excellent images. Photographs are often the only way you can show your work to a jury, or to your audience. Casual cell phone shots just won’t work. The best solution is to use a professional photographer, unless you have a high level of skill yourself. Are your images outstanding, or do you need help? Do your images actually enhance the appearance of what you make, or are they hurting you?

3. An understanding of your audience. Effective marketing means that your message is created specifically for the people who will be most interested in your work. So, you must have an idea who they are. Do you understand your target customer? Is your marketing tailored just for them?

4. A compelling message. What is the concept behind your collection? What makes it so unique, interesting, and desirable? You know your target customer. This is where you will tell them why they should buy your work.

5. A recognizable brand. Continuity in your presentation makes you memorable. What colors, fonts, and logos and packaging will you use? What is your brand about, and how will you share that? Do you know what makes your brand stand out from everyone else in the marketplace?


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