Color Trends and Your Handmade Product Line

How much do color trends matter in your art or handmade business?


Color Display


Recently, Pantone came out with their Fashion Color Report for Spring, 2017.  This report shares the newest and hottest colors that are “on trend” for the fashion industry. But do they matter in your own business? Possibly. If you make and sell wearables or jewelry, you will want to be aware of latest color trends so that you can make design decisions for your line going forward.

If your collection is classic and has a signature palette that works for you, don’t worry about chasing the latest color fad. But knowing major directions in fashion can help you when you are coming up with your latest designs, so you can offer a fresh, up-to-date look.

What about color trends for the home?

While fashion colors change frequently, season by season, color trends for the home change much more slowly. After all, no one is going to repaint their walls very often; the colors they choose must have staying power. And average grade carpeting has a lifespan of 5 – 15 years, so it is not replaced very often at all. Major color trends for interiors tend to stay in place for a long time, but they do evolve. For example, beige was the “go to” neutral that gradually changed to grey a few years back. That trend is still popular in textiles, flooring and paint for the home.

If your art or handmade work fits into a “home decor” category, it makes sense to be aware of new trends that are coming in. But do you have pay the Pantone Color Institute for their pricey color swatches? Probably not. Simply stop by a paint store and pick up free samples of paint from the Ralph Lauren or other designer collection. This will give you an idea of the newest interior colors being shown. And that may help you in choosing a palette for your art.

A useful smartphone app for color selection is Color911, which enables you to take photos and identify color choices, create your own palettes, and organize colors into folders. This fun and helpful tool may inspire you to use trending color combinations in new ways in your own collection.


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