Cool Tools for Artists: Zatista

Are you a 2D artist or photographer looking for a way to sell your originals?



There are many websites out there where artists can list and sell their work, and sometimes it can get more than a little confusing. So you may find it refreshing to discover Zatista, an online solution which offers an easy way to sell your art.

At this time, Zatista is only featuring the work of painters, printmakers, photographers and other types of two-dimensional art. No prints are sold – only originals. There is a jury process, and accepted artists create a home page for themselves and list their work for free. The only fee involved is a 30% commission on works sold.


Sunfire Mandala

“Sunfire Mandala” by Brian Sylvester


Brian Sylvester, an artist who sells his work on the site and also writes articles for Wall Spin (the Zatista blog), talked about the process. “The only real time spent is the initial listing of the items, but the process is quick and easy,” he says, “The only other management that I have to do on a regular basis is to ‘suspend’ listings when pieces go into shows and galleries.  It’s easy to re-activate the listings.” 

What about publicity? Sylvester says, “As with any listing site, I know that I can’t count on the company to round up customers for me, and that I have to direct my own traffic to the site as well.” 

He goes on to explain that when a piece is sold, Zatista supplies packing materials such as glassine paper, cardboard corners, blank certificates of authenticity and shipping stickers. All he has to do is “send the tracking info to Zatista once the item has been shipped, and when it’s confirmed on the other end, the payment is put into my PayPal account. Very simple process.”



“Blue Skies” by Brian Sylvester


Sylvester was also referred to Real Simple and O Magazine by Zatista, where he received great publicity for his work. The company has an inside track to many major publications.

A very useful feature they have developed for consumers is Art Explorer, which can filter mediums, save “favorites” and even recommend art based on the taste of the shopper.

If Zatista fits well with your type of artwork and how you would like to sell, you may want to include it in your arsenal of cool tools for selling.

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  1. Thank you for the info I think Zatista is a great site. I like that they only sell original art.

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