Crafting an American Style

This educational program is an historical celebration of crafts and the artists who carry on the tradition. An excellent resource for classrooms, guilds and artists.

crafts in American DVD

“Crafting an American Style” is a 60-minute video production which has been aired on PBS. It explores the history of American craft, starting with a look at immigrants in the 19th century and the rich cultures and traditions they brought from their homelands.

The earliest American handcrafts were born of necessity, such as carving wood furniture, weaving textiles for use as clothing, and functional pottery. Interviews with experts and artists themselves explain how traditional arts and crafts techniques have become respected, collected and taught as basics that drive the small creative businesses in this industry today.

This DVD program takes a look at the Arts and Crafts movement, along with influencers such as William Morris, Gustav Stickley, and Frank Lloyd Wright. It examines the crafts communities in America, and how the industrial revolution made a profound change in the craft trades. Also presented is the rise of craft schools and guilds, and ways that craftsmanship has been preserved and developed.

History has seen traditional craft techniques such as glassblowing, weaving, woodcarving, and metalworking transformed into highly desirable collectibles and art today. This progression is shown throughout the 20th century, the important 1960’s crafts movement, and into present day.

Trade Show Floor

Professional craft production is shown as a sustainable business model for artists, selling to galleries where the public can appreciate and purchase their work. Wholesaling, in the form of trade shows such as the Buyers Market, is discussed through interviews with exhibiting artists and gallery owners.

This program is an excellent resource for artists and craftspeople, and also educators who want to share the history and importance of crafts and the American experience.

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