Creating Urgency to Buy

5 Reasons your buyers should place an order from you right now.


Shopping at a Trade Show


Buyers often place an order for their galleries now because they feel it’s in their best interest to do sooner rather than later. Commercial manufacturers frequently use tactics that urge buyers to commit to an order right away, and artists and craftspeople should understand what these are.

You may want to use some incentives in your own business, too – but keep in mind to be very selective in your timing and your message. Your business relationship with buyers should be based on integrity, not gimmicks. When you offer value in your work and through your incentives, always look toward a win/win situation with your store accounts.

Here are five scenarios that create urgency to buy:


1. Adding a bonus to the order. Could you offer to include a free display with an order of merchandise for a limited period of time? You might offer to ship a “baker’s dozen” with an order for twelve pieces. Or, create your own unique extra that will entice buyers to reorder or commit to that opening order for your work.

2. Offering a show special. This is a very common technique that creates urgency to place an order at a trade show. Sometimes show specials involve a percentage discount, but offering free shipping can be a big incentive. Shipping costs often are a big concern to buyers. If your merchandise is not heavy, calculate the percentage of the order incurred by shipping. You might just find that it costs you less to offer free shipping than a 10% discount, but that free shipping has a higher perceived value by customers.

3. Book pre-show orders. This approach works well for artists with busy schedules who will book up their production at a trade show. Letting your regular accounts know ahead of the show and giving them an opportunity to order early is a service and a favor to them.

4. Limited stock. If you work in limited editions, promote this fact to your accounts. They can then pass this information on to their own customers to create a sense of urgency to buy. And if you are discontinuing a design, you may want to contact retailers who were able to do well with it and sell out the remainder of your inventory before it disappears forever.

5. Price increase scheduled. Prices go up – it’s a fact of life. If you plan to increase your prices of certain items in your line, let your retailers know this ahead of time and book orders from them guaranteed at the lower cost.



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