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ABI ClassABI’s Winter Workshop helps artists and craftspeople become successful entrepreneurs. It’s all happening this month in Philadelphia. Will you join us?


Serious entrepreneurs who want to learn how to sell their handmade goods to a national audience are invited to register for the upcoming Arts Business Institute Winter Workshop taking place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia on the weekend of February 16-17, 2013.


Jurying the work at ABI


Each artist who participates will receive critiques of their work by gallery owners and faculty of ABI. This very popular part of the program helps each artist discern where they stand, what markets their work may appeal to, and whether their price points are too high, too low or in the correct range.


Trade Show Floor


A self-tour of the show floor of the Buyers Market, the largest trade show in the country for handmade luxury goods, is a feature of this workshop which other workshops cannot offer. This gives participants an up-close look at the exhibits, the range of work and commerce taking place in this wholesale marketplace.


Bruce Baker

ABI Speaker Bruce Baker


Long-time favorite speaker and expert Bruce Baker will be presenting three topics at the workshop: Why Wholesale?, Wholesale 101 and Booth Design. Bruce has been featured in hundreds of workshops and is a consummate expert in the field. ABI offers Bruce Baker’s CDs on Booth Design, Dynamic Sales and Getting Juried into Competitions right here on our website.


Megan Auman

Megan Auman


Successful studio owner and jewelry designer Megan Auman will be speaking to the group on the essential topic of Pricing for Profit. Pricing can be one of the most confusing matters for many artists. How to calculate the correct wholesale price? How much of a profit should you include? How can you be competitive? Megan makes this topic understandable and applicable to your business.


ABI Director Carolyn Edlund

ABI Director Carolyn Edlund


Arts Business Institute director Carolyn Edlund will present two topics – Creative Marketing and Sales Strategies for Artists. These can be intimidating and frustrating tasks for artists. She will cover the psychology of selling, traditional and new ways of marketing, selling techniques and higher-level sales concepts, plus selling to large retailers and selling one-of-a-kind at wholesale. Her background includes twenty years running a production studio, and seven years as an outside sales rep.


Wendy Rosen

Arts Business Institute founder Wendy Rosen


Wendy Rosen rounds out our group of speakers. She literally wrote the book on running a successful craft business. As the founder of the Buyers Market and also the Arts Business Institute, she is a major industry player who understands all the angles, and will share with the group, speaking about Trends and Building Gallery Relationships.

Who is a good candidate for this workshop? Artists and craftspeople who already have a body of work, are very serious about growing their businesses, and want to learn wholesaling or other options for increasing their sales and exposure. The $250 workshop tuition also includes an invitation to the NICHE Awards (happening at the same location) plus admission to other seminar topics on Saturday and Sunday mornings which are conducted for trade show exhibitors and retailers.




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