Drive Art Website Traffic by Blogging

Want to draw more visitors to your art website? Blogging can help your traffic numbers in several ways.


Drive traffic to your art website by blogging. Learn more about it at


As an artist, you have a story that’s interesting to others. You make art or handmade work in your studio (or on location) that can be documented and shared with your audience. You can tell your story many ways, through conversations, marketing materials, or on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. And, many creatives choose to write a blog on their website platform as well, in order to engage visitors, encourage subscriptions, and add new content.

Additional content added through blog articles helps your website ranking. As search engines determine that new content is being added to your art website on a regular basis, your ranking will improve. Keywords used in blog posts also help to drive visits from people who are searching online for those terms.

And, the links to your blog articles can be shared on social media and through email marketing, driving readers and traffic back to your site, where you can gain readers as subscribers to your blog and also to your email marketing list. Then, refer to those blog posts when you send out email campaigns, pulling visitors back to your site again.

Other blogging platforms exist that will let you write posts about yourself and your artwork. Medium is a popular site where you can post articles. Used by many top writers and publishing articles on many topics, it is a highly visible place to post an article with links back to your site for readers to follow.

Another free and easy place to publish a blog article is Bored Panda, which quite frequently is used by artists to share what is amazing about their work. Take a look at their art category to see the types of articles they feature. Getting started there is easy; simply open a free account and use their template to put an article together. Use lots of images of your work to make it even more impactful.

Regardless of where you blog, promoting those article links as much as possible will help. Focus on providing compelling information to make each article as interesting – and shareable – as possible.


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