Earn Your Customers’ Love and Loyalty

A high level of customer service can make your small business memorable, and more profitable.


Gift bags


Make the shopping experience fun, exciting and customer-friendly. For a good example, take a look at the website of Byrd and Belle, makers of felt and leather sleeves for iPhones, Macs, Kindles and more. Their approach is to draw you in to see quality products made in the US by people who care. The site features light-filled studio photos, and tons of information to make shopping easier. They even share their studio playlist to give you the feeling you are included in their group of friends.

Wow them with their package. Once the sale is made, do you ship your products in an unremarkable package? Think again. The buying experience does not end with the order going out – the next step is receiving it. When your customer opens the box with your work, are they going to rave over it?

Artist Kavita Singh sends her wearable silk garments to wholesale customers “perfectly pressed, layered in tissues, in the same order as the packing slip.” Nice presentation!

For a look at some really upscale custom-branded packaging take a look at this article on the Shopify blog.

Super responsive customer service. Nothing says you care like a speedy reply to a query or issue, either through email or a phone call. Are you willing to correspond with your customers on a Sunday if something comes up? They will notice. Do you take their concerns and needs very seriously? There is no substitution for over-delivering on your promise. Customers love to do business with companies they feel truly care about them. Here’s your chance to step up and be noticed for your excellent service!

Keep in touch. “Out of sight, out of mind” is very true when it comes to business. If you want more sales from your existing customers, you must reach out to them on a regular basis, once a month at least. Email marketing is the easiest way to accomplish this. Then, make some special offers, like free shipping coupons that will have your customers eager to open to next message from you.

Offer services and extra benefits – Are you flexible with exchanges or returns? Do you offer free or low-cost repairs? Are gift cards available? What about giftwrap? Do you drop ship just about anywhere? The more convenience and versatility you can offer, the better.

Make your work collectable – Gain that important repeat business by offering work in groupings or series that make sense. Ask yourself when designing – what is the next piece your customer should buy? Release additional designs out on a regular basis to keep your selection fresh and appealing, and let your customers know what’s new!


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