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Your brand can be expressed by your logo and the consistent use of color, fonts, and design of your visual marketing, but it’s a lot more than that. Branding actually represents the experience that your customer has with your business.

How can branding help market your work?

Build Trust.   Your brand can convey integrity, quality and desirability to your potential customers, but above all, in order to make sales, you must build trust. Use your story to tell about your business and your brand, and tell that story in an authentic voice. Talk about the origins of your business – your inspiration, and your intention.

What is your business concept? Do your policies show that you share the same values that your customers do? Do customers happily give you testimonials to use to enhance your brand? When you are responsive, and responsible, provide excellent customer service, and go the extra mile, you are taking concrete steps to build trust. Customers who trust you become repeat and loyal customers, and they refer others as well.

Provide Distinction.  In order for your brand to be memorable, it needs to stand out. What is different and remarkable about your business and your handmade collection? What is your unique selling proposition? Focus on the ways that you can portray your brand, visually and in a consistent voice, communicate the benefits to the customer. And what actions are you taking that distinguish your brand?

A good example of a brand distinction is Toms Shoes. Their unique selling proposition? “With every product you purchase, Toms will help a person in need. One for one.” Toms’ mission makes their customers a part of social change for the better – something everyone can feel good about.

Offer  Appeal.   When your brand reflects the values and the lifestyle of your target customers, they will respond. Is your line of handmade work a luxury brand? Is it humorous, spiritual, or innovative? What is the lifestyle that your designs embody? When you understand your ideal customer, branding your collection as being part of the lifestyle they lead (or want to lead), you have made a connection.

All sales are emotional. In your branding and marketing messages, speak to the customer – because it’s all about them. Your brand should speak to, inspire and entice your chosen market. Reach out to them on a consistent basis with a strong and clear message about your brand.


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