Feeling Unfocused?

Are you feeling like a hamster in a wheel, running constantly but getting nowhere?




Artists often suffer from frustration at the lack of traction they are getting, regardless of how badly they want to sell their work. Sometimes this becomes a serious career roadblock. The inability to stay focused is one cause of this condition.

You may have such a vibrant and creative imagination that you want to express your ideas in all types of different ways. You throw pots, love to paint and plan to design a clothing line. But being all over the map in your activities can prevent you from gaining the skills you need to become really good at one thing. And it doesn’t give you that cohesive body of work that you need to present your art to the world.

“Shiny object syndrome” can grab your attention and lead you off on a tangent. Artists who experience this get pulled in one direction and then another as each new exciting idea comes along. But that doesn’t serve your business, which requires organization and persistent action toward a desired goal. Being creative means that your mind is often full of ideas that you want to express, but being in business requires you to make a plan and stick with it.

Other times, artists find that they cannot finish anything before moving onto another project. Known as “scanners”  they often cannot decide on their interests, and lack confidence and clarity on projects, unable to move forward with a single focus.


Mind Mapping


Is there a solution? Take the time to create a vision for your business which helps you to stay inspired and clear on your path. Then, try using mind-mapping as a technique, drawing diagrams which will give you a good overview of the business you want to create, and where you can categorize all the elements that go into making business systems that work. Or use an online tool like FreeMind, which can help you put your mind map together, save it and rework it as needed.

Then, organize your ideas and your time. ToDoist or Evernote are good online organizing tools that keep everything from new ideas to your schedule intact. Both are free, and are easy to use, making them extremely popular.

Working with a mentor can be an invaluable experience. A good coach or mentor is a person whose purpose is to work with you to evaluate strategies, plan and reach goals, stay on task, organize your business and act as an accountability partner. This type of relationships also helps build confidence as you embrace the dual role of a creative artist and as a business owner.


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