From the Heart: A Workshop Grad Gets Results

An ABI workshop graduate shares what she gained from the experience and how she took her business selling Christian art to the next level.


Image from the "Joyous Jesus" collection by Deb Minnard. Read her artist story at

Image from the “Joyous Jesus” collection by Deb Minnard.


My name is Deb Minnard.  I attended the Washington, DC workshop in January. You may remember me as the one who digitally painted Jesus.

When I scheduled your workshop I was hoping for a “springboard” event that would catapult me into the next step with a business. I was not disappointed.

Using the wealth of information that you gave, I started working at learning and discerning the next step. I chose to market through Art Storefronts. I haven’t seen my comfort zone since then. At 61, it’s not easy to learn a whole new technology but I’m getting there. I’m nearly finished with their success plan and have had a few sales. With the right keywords, I come up 5th in a Google search. Applying what I’ve learned, I’m hoping to get better results producing more sales. My goal is to earn enough so that my husband (76) can retire from working 45-50 hours per week and start matting and framing for me.

Not stopping there, I’m now in two galleries. One is local, just five miles from my home. The other I was invited to participate in is at Gatlinburg, Tennessee. There the gallery is named “Art for God.” It’s an amazing fit.

I’m constantly looking for ways to promote. I’ve reached out to magazines, radio stations, celebrities, theme parks, the local library. Anything I can think of. I’m not making money yet but leaving my job where the stress levels were killing me is great and I LOVE what I do. A process that started out being my therapy has turned into my profession. Can’t think of anything better.

Just wanted you to know how much of a help your workshop was. If you have a minute, please check out my website.



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