Getting Into Production

Are you ramping up your studio space for production? Use these tips to start creating orders for your wholesale customers.


Production potter


Wholesaling works most efficiently when work is made in multiples. Although one of a kind work can be sold wholesale, it is not the most profitable model.

When taking wholesale orders at a trade show, online, through a rep, or directly from the buyer, make sure you organize them by delivery date and create a production schedule so that you can plan your time. Group items that can be made together for orders shipping during the same week, for example, so that you know at a glance where your time can be most efficiently spent working on batches of similar pieces.

Naturally, it makes sense to use templates, molds, or patterns so that you can quickly reproduce designs that have been ordered and make them as true to your sample as possible. Build your inventory at the same time by increasing the number of similar designs you make at one time. As you come to know your bestsellers, you can keep replacing inventory as orders ship out.

Quite often, artists will take remaining inventory to retail shows after orders have shipped for the week. Sell off discontinued items, slow sellers or one-offs at retail as well.

In general, 20% of your designs will account for 80% of your sales. Those top sellers should always be maintained in inventory if possible. Keep inventories higher early in the holiday season for a quick turnaround on last minute orders.


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