Getting Social with Social Networking

Hands on KeyboardWith commerce and community going online, artists can gain from using social media for their businesses.



Want to gather information, take a course, meet prospective buyers? Then you are probably using the internet, and may be using social media also. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ , Pinterest, LinkedIn and a host of other social media platforms connect a global community that is growing explosively. In 2011 the Pew Research Center found that 65% of adults online use social networking sites.

With Pinterest as the fastest growing social platform offering a rich visual content, artists can take advantage of driving traffic to their own websites, while sharing curated content that is also of interest to others.

Since the secret of social media is engagement, simply posting links to art you have for sale isn’t going to work. That’s a fast way to get blocked and ignored. Networking online, like networking in person, is about giving  and building relationships with others. The more you give, the more you receive.

Sharing, retweeting, repinning and giving other praise reinforces your relationships. Recommending others whom you find valuable to follow on social media will often result in them helping to promote you as an artist, and your work.

And what about using social media to make sales? Search Engine Journal recently published an interview with eBay Powerseller John Lawson, who says, “It is about the marketing of niches to the ones interested and ready to purchase. The tools today just make the spread easier, they make the finding of the niche buyer more precise and the transaction smoother.”

Finding your niche is key to reaching your target audience, whether on or offline. Using social media lets you hone in quickly on where your best prospects gather, and to become a part of that online community.

So next time you tweet, share or post on a social media site, don’t “hit and run” by leaving a link to your website behind like an advertisement. Get to know the community there and connect with them with an attitude of openness. You’ll get much better results, and make a few new friends in the process.

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