Great Reasons to Buy Handmade

We asked designers, makers and customers why they love handmade goods. Here are their reasons, and why we love and support the Handmade Community:


Handmade Infographic

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  1. fantastic reasons!! I love it!!

  2. NAOMI UNRAU says:

    We want to support handmade gifts in our retail store and I found this poster on pinterest. I would like permission to use this poster as a format, making changes to suit our situation. We have no funds to pay for permission to use it so I just need to know “yes” or “no for permission to use and alter. Thanks for your consideration.

    • Sure,go right ahead! And good luck to you in your store.

      • Your the best! Met you at the 2014 Nashville/Watkins Art Inst. conference with TN Craft; “Connecting with your Customer” and learned so much. Refer you constantly and recently and folks take notes when I talk about your organization. I’m currently showing at the “Marketkplace” at Gaylord (Opryland) Hotel and Resort’s “Treasures for the Holidays” (in its first year) with my kiln formed glass gift line. The point is that after interacting with potential customers for a couple of weeks I remembered this post. I’m about to use as much of it as possible to help the artisans communicate the difference between our area and the remainder of the vendors at the exhibit hall. Wish us luck and I hope to grow enough to participate in YOUR Marketplace in the coming years!

        Warmest Regards,
        Alice E. Shepherd
        Artwork Cubed at

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