Handmade Jewelry Collections

We love handmade jewelry! ABI invited some artist friends to put together a collection of their work, showing their signature style and inspiration. Enjoy, and please share.


Stephi Kix Jewelry Collage


Artist Stephi Kix presents a grouping of necklaces that include an amazing mix of materials. She says, “Inspired by childhood, and it’s precious, perennial toys, my work connects the wonderful music of baby rattles and the cherished dolls and red trucks, seashells, keepsakes and puzzles. I strive to incorporate and connect their importance in visual constructions, telling stories of motion, fun and current issues.”


Kathleen O'Brien Jewelry Collage


Kathleen O’Brien shares her eye-catching collection, and explains, “The beads, like antique faceted Russian Blues, ancient Roman glass, vintage Millefiori, or new Lampwork ones, inspire my designs by color, material & shape. My collectors feel empowered to wear these ‘Talismans’ and value the human touch of history they contain.”


Debbie McCollum Jewelry Collage


What inspires artist Debbie Weber McCollum? “Detailed drawings from my sketchbooks, rich with lines, textures and depth always inspire me to experiment with a new metal clay piece,” she says. “My customers tell me that they love my work because they feel a connection to each piece’s meaning, as well as for the artistry.”


Boryana Kolf Jewelry Collage


Boyana Kolf describes her charming jewelry collection. “My jewelry acknowledges the essential human freedom to search within yourself, to find yourself, to be yourself and to externalize the most beautiful words, unspoken thoughts and emotions. This expression of my art reflects nature and accentuates your individual style.”


Melissa Woods Jewelry Collage


Melissa Woods presents a dramatic grouping of jewelry, and says, “The World and Universe inspires me and my work with its infinite colors and patterns. My customers love the colors, the weightless feel and the hypo allergenic Anodized Aluminum material I use to create every whimsical piece.”


Staci Smith Jewelry Collage


Staci Smith shares her lovely collection, and explains, “My jewelry is inspired heavily by the world around me, both nature and man. I think customers love my work because it is different; organic, dramatic and unique, no two are alike. They get an original piece that is just right for them!”


Danielle Lewandowski Jewelry Collage


Danielle Lewandowski shares her inspiration for designing, saying “I work to create jewelry that will have sentimental value to clients. I’m often told they can see the love and attention to detail in each piece I create.”


Mckenna Hallett Jewelry Collage


This handmade collection by Mckenna Hallett has a lot more than just design going for it. “I began in 1992 with the mission to create wearable art jewelry from scrap metals without burning fossil fuels,” she says. “Inspired by the Voluntary Simplicity Movement, I wanted to inspire new thinking. Over 40,000 pieces have been created. People love to be ambassadors of my message!”



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