The Pitfalls of Not Pricing Art and Craft Work Properly

Take into account that when you sell art or craft work at both retail and wholesale, your pricing structure should accommodate market factors.

Creating Art for Corporate Environments

The corporate art market is opening up to many different mediums, providing opportunities for artists working in fiber, clay, glass, metal and wood, as well as hanging mobiles, sculptures and 3-dimensional wall pieces.

Artist Profile: Stepper Brothers

David & I both worked full time in corporate marketing jobs before launching Sculptures by Stepper. We experienced firsthand the challenges companies face trying to source out innovative high quality gifts for their employees & customers.

12 Ways Artists Can Network Effectively

12 ways that artists can network more effectively and gain sales and referrals. This includes in person and online networking techniques.

How to Add Value to Your Art and Increase Profits

Buyers who are considering a purchase of your art are making a judgment based on their perception of the “value” of the piece.

Artist Profile: Amy Meya

I think the most surprising thing I found was that it was actually a viable way of making a living as an artist. I was skeptical at first because I know a lot of artists who do the art fair circuit, and can’t wrap their head around how wholesale works.

Starting a Business? Build Your Creative Community

In a world where business competition can seem cutthroat and menacing, the arts community is a refuge. The creative spirit is a generous one, and as a new entrepreneur you will find that other artists will help you learn.

Art Consignment is Unhealthy for Your Business

They are asking you to take a huge risk on an arrangement that leaves you out of control, while they take no risk and are in control – plus they have possession of your merchandise.

How to Wholesale Your Work – Interview with Bruce Baker

If you are going to be successful, you have to have some level of balance, or hire somebody to fill in the gaps, who knows the business side. That is really what separates the wheat from the chaff. I meet fabulous artists all the time – they just can’t make a living because they don’t have a business model, a business plan.

20 Cheapskate Trade Show Booth Ideas

Twenty tried and true ideas for setting up a great-looking trade show booth on a shoestring.