Advertising for free… (almost) Co-Op Advertising 101

By Wendy Rosen Imagine how much you could grow your art or craft business if advertising was… FREE!  This video will share the marketing secrets of big corporations.  These tips are proven success strategies by successful artists who use American Style magazine coop ads to promote their works to thousands of art galleries.

Moving from Consignment to Purchase

By Wendy Rosen Years ago, most galleries relied on the “consignment” business model… today as artists leverage low production, exclusivity and high demand, things are very different.  As an artist you need to devise art gallery relationships that have mutual risk, and mutual reward.  Converting from consignment to purchase might take time… but it’s a […]

Communication with New Clients by Wendy Rosen

Brand Appeal for your Artwork

By Wendy Rosen How do you leverage your brand to increase sales?  Your artwork needs to have it’s own unique voice, and to express your own visual signature, to share your unique message.

Growing your Craft Business

It’s never been a better time to start a business selling handcrafted “Made in America” or “Made in Canada” works!

Understanding Profit in Your Art Business

By Wendy Rosen You won’t survive without profit!  Too many artists think that profit is that stuff that’s left over after you’ve paid for materials, and maybe the booth fee.  Another group believes that profit is the money you pay yourself. Profit is the money you’ll use to grow your business, think of profit as […]

Art Studio Start-Up. What is Overhead Expense?