Hot Marketing Trends for Your Art Business

6 Ways to Reach Out to Your Customers More Effectively.


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Go Mobile

Make sure your website is functional and viewable on mobile devices, because a growing number of website browsers are using them. A 2012 study shows that 69 percent of US mobile users access the internet on their phones daily. Don’t get left behind because your site won’t load properly on smartphones.

Use QR Codes

Quick Response codes are like little square bar codes that work by being scanned by smartphones, and can share loads of information. They link to any website or text you choose. Want to share a special offer? Want to link to your website for more information? Use QR codes in advertising, on postcards, even on packaging. Make these codes free at Kaywa.


QR Code


Social Listening

Interacting with your customers to get real time reaction and input is a fast growing trend. Using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest gives you information on what is connecting with your customers. What did you post that got a reaction? What was shared, and what was ignored? Images tend to inspire sharing.  Perfect for a visual artist!

Share Your Work in Situ

Give your website visitors an idea of how your work would look in their home by using images of your art in room views. Show a grouping of your art to encourage sales of multiples.

One smart artist has her customers email a photo of the wall space where her art would hang.  She photoshops her paintings into the room scene, then emails back. This has helped her close the sale with international buyers and grow her business.


Artwork: Stephanie Paige

Artwork: Stephanie Paige


Word of Mouth

Who can you really trust these days? With all the marketing and advertising out there, people tend to trust their friends, and other people just like them to review and recommend products that they buy. Referrals are just about the best prospects you can have. Get people talking about you and your art, referring other collectors to you. One way? Ask for them. Let your customers know that much of your business comes by referral. Include this in your sales materials, emails and on your website. You will find that your fans would love to spread the word for you!


Sharing by video continues to be a trend that is growing. For artists, it can be the perfect opportunity to speak to your audience in your own words and tell your story. Videos of work in progress can be fun to watch, too. Include several to share your technique, and the complexity of your work. Professionally made video of you in the studio and speaking about your work can be very effective. A quality presentation raises the perception of your professionalism.


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