How Art Helps Communities

Randy Cohen from Americans for the Arts talks about the benefits communities receive from art events.


Randy Cohen (2)


Arts and culture is  “a growth industry” in this country, according to keynote speaker Randy Cohen, who appeared at the American Made Summit this past week. He praised the arts and their impact on our national as well as local economies.

According to Americans for the Arts, 4.3% of our GDP is derived from the arts – which is more than tourism, more than transportation, more than agriculture.

How do arts events affect communities positively?

– They draw travelers into the area, where they spend money

– Money is kept in the local community

– People who come to these events get an authentic cultural experience

– Cultural tourists tend to stay longer in the area

In a survey taken of those who came to art events, local attendees averaged $17.42 in event-related spending over and above the cost of the event. Non-local attendees averaged a whopping $39.96 in additional spending.

Those non-local tourists stated that the arts event was the primary purpose for their trip. And, a majority of local attendees said they would travel elsewhere to attend arts events, outside of their county.

It’s clear that the arts is a profitable presence in communities. Besides creating an environment that is appealing and entertaining, they work to build a stronger local economy.


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