How to Keep Your Sales Steady

Are your art sales uneven? These actions, if taken on a regular basis, will help keep your income steady and growing.


Making a Sale


Keep a marketing calendar. Don’t stop promoting your work, even during the busy times. The marketing effort you undertake today is to ensure future sales. When you forget to do marketing because you’re busy with orders and studio projects, sales will often drop off a cliff. Then, you have to get up a running again – thus creating an income gap. Don’t neglect to keep this essential activity on your calendar and regularly reach out to existing and prospective customers.

Grow your network. Each time you make a new connection, you open the door to new opportunities and possibilities. Get a clear idea of the type of people you would like to meet – strategic partners, potential collectors or wholesale buyers, perhaps? Make an effort to meet them, either in person or online. Check out this article on networking for tips on making the connections you need.

Perfect your email newsletter. Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways you can touch base with your customers and interested prospects. Stay on their radar by sending out updates and news often, but not too often; monthly is a good schedule. It takes between 7 – 10 “touches” for people to remember you. You have to make contact to make sales.

Gather testimonials. As new customers express their delight at your work, satisfaction in your customer service, or if they email you with glowing feedback, as them if they would be willing to share their opinion. Testimonials are a form of “social proof” that give you the credibility you need to help new customers feel comfortable about making that purchase.

Stay current on new markets. If you are selling to a niche market, keep your eyes open for other potential niches where your work could fit. Every time you do this, a new audience opens up for you. As your line evolves, you may want to deliberately enter particular niches that seem favorable.

Listen to your customers. What do they think of your current line? What objections do they have to making a purchase? Write down ideas that you glean from the questions or praise that you get when in front of potential customers. Perhaps they need more information, and you need to beef up your website FAQ page. Or, they are looking for something you don’t yet make. Take action on those observations you make that will help grow your sales.

Update your social media status on a regular basis. Social proof provides more reasons for people to buy. Your profiles here show how many others want to follow you, share your posts, and rave about your art. Obviously something to be encouraged!

Blog – or not.  If you have started a blog and find that you are no longer interested, or cannot spend the time to write posts, simply delete it from your website. A blog that is inactive makes it look like you are out of business. Blogging adds new content to your website regularly, which helps in your search ranking. And it gives your subscribers new input all the time, helping them to get to know you and connect with you. But if it’s not your thing, don’t keep it hanging around.

Every action you take on a regular basis to put your art and your name in front of customers gives you the opportunity to attract attention, gain the interest of prospective customers, and make more sales of your work.

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