How to Make Shipping Costs Painless

Do you cringe when you think of the response customers have to your shipping costs? Consider these solutions.


How to make shipping costs painless to your customers. Read about it at


A customer likes your handmade work, and decides to make a purchase. Midway through the process, while in the shopping cart, they are faced with the cost of shipping the item they are buying, and change their mind. It happens all the time; in fact, 56% of shopping cart abandonment is caused by shoppers who are faced with higher-than-expected shipping expense.

How can you deal with this barrier to the sale? Consider whether one of these three options can work for you:

Offer free shipping. Depending on what you sell, this might be the best choice. Free shipping completely removes this obstacle and captures more sales. If your work is lightweight or can be shipped affordably, look into how you can afford to offer free freight. If needed, add the average shipping cost into your price to begin with, and add value to the product for a higher perceived value.

Offer free shipping over a certain dollar amount. This second option has a free shipping element, and encourages the shopper to add another item to get to the threshold where there is no cost to receive their order. This works especially well if your collection has items in it that can easily be bundled together, or where an upsell can move the customer to the necessary purchase level.

Offer flat shipping rates. “One price shipping” is another choice that may work well for you. This offer also encourages multiple purchases, since additional items will have no effect on the total shipping cost. If you use USPS flat rate shipping, they will provide free boxes for this purpose, as well as giving Priority Mail delivery service. And, heavy items can be accommodated as long as they fit within the box.

Take a look at where your business may be “leaking” money, and see if cart abandonment is an issue for you. Then evaluate whether making a change to your shipping policy will overcome objections to the sale and earn you more orders.



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