How to Use Product Descriptions to Sell More of Your Handmade Work

Is a picture worth a thousand words? Maybe. But clear descriptions of the products you are selling will help you earn more.


Use Product Descriptions to Sell More of Your Handmade Work


Artists and makers sometimes make the mistake of believing that their work will sell itself, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In the crowded online marketplace, there is a lot of “noise”, and millions of items for sale. To stand out, you must engage customers and give them a compelling reason to buy.

Outstanding images are essential to give professional presentation, add to your credibility and get you taken seriously – but written descriptions add greatly to the shopping experience and are also vital to increasing your sales. Customers need information to be able to make buying decisions, and thus you have to describe clearly the features of your work.

People buy for emotional reasons. It’s been said that people love to buy, but they hate to be sold. So make it process pain-free by sharing those features in a customer-focused way that is centered on the benefits to them. Create that emotional buying experience by writing copy that taps into their feelings about the joy of owning what you make.

Do you know your ideal customer? There is no substitute for having a working profile of the shoppers you are targeting with your descriptions. What motivates her? Why does she buy? Is she looking to feel fabulous and receive compliments when wearing your amazing handmade jewelry? Is she creating a sanctuary in her apartment that reflects her unique style? Does she need to purchase a very special wedding gift that will impress the recipient with her taste and generosity?

Here’s where you can make that deep emotional connection by using emotive words and benefits in your product descriptions. Paint a picture of how she will feel when wearing your handmade scarf, or using your handblown wine glasses. Can you describe where she might be, and even tell a story about it?

The J. Peterman clothing company has long been famous for telling incredible stories related to everything in their catalog. Simply read some of their product descriptions, and you will appreciate their over-the-top copywriting that is fun and compelling. It’s easy to see why they have been successfully selling clothing and accessories for decades. You can also use these strategies to write paragraphs about your work that transcend the descriptive and take the shopper to an imaginary world, leading them to decide that they simply must own what you make.

Play up every one of your selling points, stressing those that are a perfect fit for what your ideal customers wants and values. Then, add a few more reasons to own your work.

The before and after of using emotionally-charged descriptions versus none at all should be dramatic. Your job as an art marketer is to show how your products enhance your customers’ lives and make them look forward to the purchase.  That’s where you can use your ability to communicate to influence buying decisions and increase your sales.



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