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You’re an exhibitor at a show, and shoppers walk into your booth. What’s the best way to interact with them? Ask Bruce Baker.


Bruce Baker teaches an ABI workshop

Bruce Baker teaches an ABI workshop


If you feel confused or unsure how to really talk to customers, you are definitely not alone. Art and crafts shows are wonderful experiences for visitors – a way to relax, and see all kinds of creativity on display.  But how can you as the artist speak with show visitors so they will understand your work better and even become your next customer?

Wholesale shows are terrific venues to highlight your artwork, but they can be stressful for some artists who feel intimidated when speaking with buyers. Quite often, the exhibitor will say nothing, or hover near the periphery hoping they can engage with buyers before they simply walk away. Is that you?

Just because you are good at making art doesn’t mean you are so great at making sales. It’s a constant struggle for many creative entrepreneurs who may not necessarily have the knowledge to master the skills of customer engagement.


Bruce Baker Dynamic Sales


One of ABI’s most popular and entertaining speakers is Bruce Baker, who speaks on this subject frequently. His advice includes not opening with “yes or no” questions, and how to properly greet booth visitors. Bruce also speaks about why artists do not actually having to directly answer every question that customers pose, and how to read body language to more fully understanding what a customer is thinking. This is part of understanding the dynamics of being a seller, and how to get better results.

What phrases can you use to help close the deal? How can you be an assertive seller without being aggressive? Learning these skills will help you increase your sales, your customer satisfaction and also your comfort level. When you reduce your stress, your customer is also more at ease. That leads to making more sales, and creating a better experience for both of you.

You don’t have to attend an ABI workshop to get the benefit of Bruce Baker’s excellent presentation on “Dynamic Sales & Customer Service Techniques” which is available on CD from The Arts Business Institute. Listen carefully to identify where you have difficulties closing the sale, so that you can plan ahead. Then, pop this motivational CD into your disc player in your car while on the way to your next show to reinforce what you’ve learned.


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  1. i may have to purchase one of his CDs as this is very valuable info i could use!!

  2. I find that a simple greeting with an offer, after allowing the buyer to browse for a few moments, is most helpful. “Hello. If you have any questions, I am more than happy to answer them for you”. Most likely, this type of greeting will yield a conversation because it is true!

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