Artists, Are You Incommunicado?

ABI photos 2012 185Have you ever failed to keep in touch with someone – and after a while, it’s gotten to be such a long time, you’re embarrassed to call at all? Don’t fall into that trap in your business.


It’s human nature to deal with what comes up each day. You respond to emails and take phone calls from people who need or want to talk with you. When you don’t hear from someone, they can end up on the back burner.

But staying in contact with those people who buy from you will pay off in more greater sales volume and more effective business relationships.

The main way small creative businesses grow isn’t through new customers; it’s through repeat customers. Selling to existing customers is far easier and less costly than acquiring new ones.

Have you called your gallery and store accounts recently?


When you become incommunicado with your customers, they forget about you. Retailers may sell through your entire inventory and not reorder because they got busy or distracted, or because another artist called them for a reorder and they spent their budget there. That’s your loss.


Fiber Booth2


Regular communication – through phone calls, emails, social media, direct mail – will keep your work “top of mind” and relevant. Many artists feel they don’t want to bother a store buyer or are afraid their work hasn’t sold, and they will be embarrassed if they call. Don’t be that person. You will most likely find opportunities to sell over the phone, and bring in orders all year long that would have been left on the table if you didn’t make that contact.

You gain in value to your customers when you are accessible, communicative and when you give them information on how to better sell your line. Filling in their inventory with reorders keeps your merchandise looking fresh and appealing. And getting in touch with them allows you to be proactive in dealing with any problems or complaints they might have – which can help you save an account that could have been lost.

Good communication is a relationship builder. Resolve to be a better partner with your existing customers and stay in touch on a regular basis. Then, reap the benefits of more sales and a stronger customer base.


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