Is Your Art Website Mobile-Friendly?

Building a website is a work in progress, and staying up with trends will help your traffic. Today, a growing number of website visitors are surfing the internet on their phones. Are you ready?


Mobile phones image


Recently, the Shopify blog reported that 50.3 of all ecommerce traffic took place on mobile devices. If you are selling your art or craft online, then you must have a website that is ready to receive these visitors.

Unless you have an older website design, chances are that your artist website is “mobile-friendly” – but in case you don’t know whether it is or not, Google provides this website where you can test your URL and see if you’re good to go.

Websites that are not mobile-friendly are frustrating to read and view. Text may be too small, and you might have to scroll sideways to finish a sentence. That turns off readers, who can’t be bothered to work that hard to see your website content. It’s much easier to click away, and read websites which are user-friendly for mobile phones and other devices.

Google is now boosting search results of mobile-friendly websites, too. That means that if your site doesn’t comply, you could easily be left behind when people are searching online for what you offer.

If you use email marketing for your creative business, keep in mind that an increasing number of emails are being read first on mobile devices (63% according to this article) and links contained in those emails will naturally often lead to your art website. When your email subscriber clicks the link, they need to be able to view your site easily and clearly, especially to make a purchase.

Artists who have sites built on platforms provided by third-party hosts should be compliant already, as this trend caused those providers to adapt to be mobile-friendly early on. If your site was built by a webmaster and hasn’t been updated lately, get back in touch or find a new webmaster to convert your site to a mobile-friendly design. It’s an expense that is well worth the money in search, traffic and conversions for your business.


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