Is Your Booth Display Good Enough?

Use of space and light is essential in making your exhibit look just perfect. Use these tips to present your work at its best.


Shopping in a show booth


Before you leave for the show, set your booth up first and take a look. Does it look like you are serious and you are there to do business? You must have a professional presentation to make a good first impression.

Take a critical look at what you need to improve. Use this checklist to make sure you have the best possible display:

Let there be light. A dark booth is uninviting, looks amateurish and cannot show your work to any advantage. Your pre-show setup will help you determine if you have enough. Use diffuse light as well as spotlights to play up the showpieces in your booth. Read this article for more about lighting.

Get rid of clutter to allow each piece to stand out. When you enter an art gallery, each work of art has its own space, right? Well, even if you are selling small items like jewelry, let each displayed item have some room to breathe. Displays that are cluttered look confusing and low-end, which is not what you want for your handmade work. Allow each piece of your work to stand out.

Keep your entrance open. Although jewelry artists may want to move their cases close to the aisle to be easily accessible to shoppers, tables at the front of a booth usually create a visible barrier that tends to keep shoppers out. Small entrances are also hindrances, as they can make buyers feel “trapped” if they step into your booth. Keep the flow open and welcoming.

Create groupings for bigger impact. A “room setting” of furniture makes you stop and look. Wearables that go together make sense and should be grouped. Suites of jewelry stand out better and have more “Wow” factor. Create your booth display to make sense, highlight collections and tell a story.

Make your work touchable. The physical touch is a huge factor in making sales – both at wholesale and retail. Buyers like to hold the work in their hands, feel the weight, texture and quality. When you display encourages touching, you increase the chances of closing more sales.

Use signage to make impact. Make your booth pop with signage thay shows images of your work in a large scale if they are small. You might also use a sign that has your tagline, or includes your Unique Selling Proposition. This serves to draw shoppers in to learn more and meet the artist.


Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, and evaluate whether your display appeals and is an exciting place to shop. Your job is to help create the best possible shopping experience for your customers.


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