Is Your Work Collectible?

Make more sales with a line that encourages collectors to buy.


display of tiles

Houston Llew’s “Spirit Tiles” make a natural grouping in exciting collectible themes.


Create work that naturally goes together. Got a theme? Why not plan a collection of your work that expresses different aspects of that theme. For example, a grouping of four watercolors with a coffee or kitchen theme works perfectly as a set. And, bundling them to sell as a single product bumps your sale.

Work in a series. Remember Monet’s haystack series, catching the light at all different times of the day? Think about working in a series on one subject, or tying your series together through size, palette and technique. Create multiple series to hit niche markets.

Make them in a modular size. Check out Houston Llew’s tiles above, which are all the same size, and they are shown in situ with a suggestion that they would make a terrific grouping on the wall. They are all the same size, but are flexible. They could be displayed vertically, horizontally, or in a staggered group. This is a benefit for the customer, who can adapt the collectibles to their own space.

Limited editions. Add desirability, urgency and a higher price to your work when you make only a certain number that can be snapped up by your collectors. When you retire a design, it can skyrocket in value.

Roll out new releases. Very important, new releases maintain the excitement and are expected by your collectors. Keep your themes going, or bring out new collections to be started with a whole new look.

Stay in touch with buyers. The very nature of having collectible art means that you will have repeat buyers. And, repeat business grows your business. Stay in touch with all of your customers through email marketing, direct mail, connecting on social media, and other ways  to drive those purchases. Plan your marketing calendar to develop a drip marketing campaign to reach out to those customers who already own your work and want to buy more.



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