Jewelry Designer Uses Innovative Marketing Approach

Jewelry artist Nina Forrest needed to define her brand and boost her sales. She invited friends to help her create an exciting marketing campaign.


Jewelry designer Nina Forrest (right) with one of her guests getting ready for the photo shoot. Read about her innovative marketing strategies at

Jewelry designer Nina Forrest (right) with one of her guests, getting ready for the photo shoot.


Designing jewelry to helps women over 50 look and feel their best, artist Nina Forrest wanted to use new strategies to market and promote her line. She knew that her work appeals to a wide variety of women, but felt that her best demographic was mature women who appreciated the colorful and fun designs that she creates. She wanted to start a marketing campaign that would show “real women” wearing her jewelry and looking great.

In order to promote her collection, she came up with the idea of a “photo shoot party” and invited friends and fans to attend and model her necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Each guest would receive a physical photograph of herself, as well as digital files. The guests agreed to pose for photos to be used in marketing, and each signed a release allowing use of their photos.

Nina Forrest will be using these photographs on her website, in video promotions, on social media, signage, her blog and in other marketing vehicles.


Photo shoot party guests modeled Nina Forrest's designs for marketing purposes. Read about this at

Photo shoot party guests modeled Nina Forrest’s designs for marketing purposes.

Forrest explained her plan and the results she got, and shares advice for other artists who want to undertake a similar project. “Guests were excited to attend, and commented that it was a great idea. Many asked their friends to come as well. Sixteen people RSVP’d and twelve actually came,” she said. “I thought that would not be enough, but it was a perfect number to allow for chatting and for me to answer questions, etc. If you have more than one hostess, you will be able to accommodate more people.”

What other tips would she share, based on her experience? She lists her insights:

– Do not put out all your pieces, only the ones you love the most. (I know you love all of them, but do vet your collections.)

– I had a few necklaces on busts but most were flat on tables. After trying on, people will not put the pieces back exactly where you had them, so the pieces lying flat worked better. I had earrings on hanging cards, and they got mixed up after trying on, but I don’t know if you can help that unless you have some other form of earring displays.

– Keep food and drinks simple, and get help from a friend or hire someone to put food in the oven and then transfer to serving platters.

– Take lots more pictures than you will need. You never know what will work. Take portraits in both landscape and portrait formats.

– I had two wall mirrors and a powder room mirror for use by my guests. If you can manage it, wall mirrors work much better than handheld mirrors.

– It may not be necessary, but be prepared to do (or have someone else do) some minor Photoshopping of images.

– I emailed the invitations out about three weeks before the party and let people know it would be a few weeks before they got the details (what to wear, makeup suggestions, etc.). Then, I sent the details about a week before. If possible, print a few invitations in case you can’t get emails for some people and/or need to hand them out to people you know who might give invites to their friends.

– Just do it. After the first time, you will know what glitches can occur. People are very forgiving and perfection is not the goal. And your anxiety will be greatly reduced if there is a next time.

– It’s a good idea to have some friends or current customers attend as well as people you’ve never met. You will be more relaxed.

Have you ever had a photo shoot for your own work, with friends and fans instead of professional models? What happened?


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