Keys to a Successful Wholesale Website

Want to wholesale your handmade collection? Then you must have a website to promote it. Your site will share your concept and your brand, and provides credibility for your small business.

Keys to a Successful Wholesale Website. Read about it at

Let’s take a look at some of the key the elements you need for a successful website:


First, always use excellent images of your work. Professional grade photography is a must; if your photos show glare, lack of focus or poor exposure, it makes you look like an amateur. That hurts your credibility and your sales.

Include photographs of your work, and plenty of them. Multiple views are a must. Show your work in a room view, or on a model if appropriate. Providing a line sheet as a downloadable pdf document on your site is a good idea too.


Secondly, use your About page to tell your story and share your technique, but remember that this page is not only about you – it is very much about your customer. If you are using your website as a wholesale portal, mention the types of stores that carry your work, and your ideal customers. Address the benefits to the store of carrying your line. Include testimonials as well from satisfied customers to add additional credibility.

Next, provide plenty of information on your website. What materials do you use? What is your turnaround time on orders? What are your prices and your sales terms?  Put yourself in the shoes of a wholesale buyer, and determine exactly what they need to know to make an informed decision to place an order for your merchandise. Your website should provide what they need to know, and create a comfort level that leads to them saying “yes” to the sale.

To take wholesale orders on your website, you should consider a password-protected area that can be accessed by members of the trade only. In this way, wholesale buyers can place orders confidently. You can provide that password for prospects or existing customers along with a link to your website.


What else is essential? An email opt-in form. Don’t let any potential customers visit your site and leave without giving them plenty of opportunity to get on your email list. You should use email marketing campaigns on a regular basis to reach out to customers and to prospects, to be remembered and to have a way to get in front of them with your collection.



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