Promote Your Art with a Lookbook

Commonly used in the fashion and accessories world, lookbooks are representations of your work and style which can show your line beautifully.


Lookbooks include a collection of photographic images packaged to present an artist’s brand and their designs. Unlike a catalog, which shows individual items with style numbers and prices, the lookbook often doesn’t contain prices, and presents items in groupings, or in settings rather than singly.

This makes for a professional-looking combination which is useful at trade shows, in press releases and in stores and galleries, to show the breadth of your line to retail customers.


Courtesy Suzy Hatcher Pottery


Artists can make a lookbook as a richly visual way to share and promote their work (in a low-key fashion) to prospective customers and collectors. The lookbook may “tell a story” when the images unfold as the book is flipped through. It could feature shots of an artist’s studio process, and present the finished work as well.

Images in a lookbook are often “glamour photos” using room settings or professional models. They may convey a lifestyle that your brand embraces, and appear similar to magazine spreads. The purpose is to relate to your target audience’s aspirations. Where do they live? What do their homes look like? What do they value? Your work could be photographed in a similar setting, or together with other images that appeal to those potential customers.



You can create your own lookbook inexpensively by using images of your work in a design program like Photoshop (or use Gimp, which is free). You can make a simple folded lookbook, have one printed and professionally bound, or use a three-ring binder for the presentation, making it more flexible.

Since printing can be an expensive option, you may want to make your lookbook digitally and share it on a disc. Your lookbook in either form would be a perfect addition to your press kit. Send your lookbook to bloggers, or submit to online or print publications. Share through social media, and on your website.



Pinterest is like a lookbook for individuals to curate and collect images that appeal to them as “wishlist” items for themselves and their homes. You could create Pinterest boards to show photos of your product line interspersed with other images which suggest a certain lifestyle that you wish your brand to associated with, and share them. Etsy “treasuries” give a similar look.

You may have heard that “Curation is the new creation.” Why not curate your own work into a collection and present it as a lookbook to your prospective customers?


Have you made a lookbook? How have you used it to marketing and promote your line?

Photos courtesy Suzy Hatcher Pottery and Christopher Mosey Glass Studio.

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