10 Ways to Maximize Your Publicity

MagazinesHave you gotten some press exposure and want to spread the word? Here’s how to make the most of it.




Perhaps an article on a gallery show featuring your work has been published. Or an article in a magazine, newspaper or blog was written about you. Were you fortunate enough to be interviewed on TV, radio or a podcast? Here’s how to increase your “reach” and share the news. This can also work if you haven’t gotten that interview yet, and want to share a press release you have written.

1. Create a Press page on your website. This important addition to every artist’s website not only helps your credibility as a professional, but portrays you as a subject deserving of publicity. Website visitors will take you more seriously. And as other journalists see that you are getting press attention, it improves your chances of getting even more press.

2. Build Your Press Kit. Print out articles about yourself and your work, and include them when putting together a press kit. Use your press kit at trade shows, or mail them to reporters, bloggers or other press members who may give you even more publicity.

3. Share on Twitter, Facebook and Google +. Share any online mentions or articles about yourself on social media. Use images  too, because they increase the chances of readers noticing and clicking on your link.

4. Leverage your publicity on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a useful site for professionals, including artists. Link to your article as an update on your LinkedIn profile, or post your link in a discussion group. Use your link to start a conversation or ask a question from the group to get feedback.

5. Post on Pinterest. Share an image of your work plus a description and link to the article on Pinterest. Did you know that you can share videos on Pinterest too?  This is great exposure if you were interviewed in a video or for television.

6. Newsletter.  Articles and interviews featuring you and your work are perfect subjects to include in your email newsletter, to share with galleries, collectors or subscribers. Use an image to add appeal, and a link to the source.

7. Display in your booth. Is there an article about your technique, or your story that is printed in a newspaper or magazine? Frame it and hang in your booth as one more way to tell your story. Or, place the article as well as photos of your work in an open binder in your booth.

8. Marketing materials. Quote from reviews of your work or articles in your brochures or marketing materials. Use logos of the publication, or phrases like, “As seen in the New York Times” etc.

9. Direct mail. Part of your marketing strategy should include direct mail. Send copies of the article about your work to gallery accounts, who may want to use it as a “sales aid” to help sell your line. Send copies to prospective accounts you have been contacting, as one more way to pitch your art or craft work to them.

10. Email signature. This simple step shares a link to an article in your email signature. Use Wise Stamp to easily create  an email signature that looks professional. Including your article in your signature gives the opportunity to everyone who receives an email from you to click the link.



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