Multi-channel marketing 101.

He doesn’t do this for fun… It’s for survival!


This chameleon has learned to survive by adapting. In this global marketplace adaptation is critical to your survival. You might not need to change your color… but there are dozens of ways to alter your brand just a little so that you can step into new markets and channels. You began your business with selling through one “channel”. It was likely an Etsy shop, an art fair or a farmers market. As production grows so will your opportunities to sell your work in many other places will grow as well. But beware of conflicts that can cut into your sales or destroy your relationships with long term customers.

Sometimes it’s a delicate dance. If you keep the same products under the same brand name… there is a limit to your opportunity for growth. The wonderful stores that sell your work don’t want to compete with every channel you sell through. Every day they watch customers pull out their cell phones and look up products on their shelves to see where it’s sold at the lowest price. With all their overhead, hour retail store deserves that customer.

So how do you keep from stepping on toes or undercutting your opportunity for growth?

Learn to separate your channels.  Here are just a few suggestions.

  1. New designs. New products for a new channel.
  2. Change sizes, colors.
  3. Change your name. Create a new brand or online store name.
  4. Bundle products in a new way.
  5. White label new designs. Let the customer use THEIR store or brand on your products. Big customers might even prefer this.

There are lots of ways to leverage your style, designs, and ideas so that you can succeed and grow beyond your local market to multi-channel sales. There are even website platforms to help you!

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