Naples, Florida: A Destination for Arts and Artists

Naples is an arts destination that benefits artists as well as art lovers. ABI recently spoke to Naples Art Association Executive Director Aimee Schlehr about this remarkable town that revolves around the arts.


Random Acts of Art Gallery

Art abounds in Naples. Random Acts of Art Gallery showcases the work of hundreds of artists.


ABI: How did Naples weather the economic downturn?

AS: Naples, like the rest of the country, was impacted by the economic downturn but not as hard as other parts of the country. Support for all nonprofits was down including the arts, but the good news is the Naples economy rebounded faster. Naples, by design, was built with a strong arts and culture presence, and for a town our size we have a wide variety of arts organizations. Today, support for the arts is stronger than ever for the 61 arts and cultural organizations that make Naples such a draw for tourist and great place to live.

ABI: Tell us about your “Dinner with the Artists” event. How does this help artists?

AS: Last year The Naples Art Association launched a Dinner with Artists series. We pair a culinary artist with a visual artist, and together they create a unique “palette to palate” experience for our guests. We keep the experience small so guests have a chance to interact with both artists to understand the dedication it takes to master their craft. When guests understand the processes that go into creating artwork, there is a better appreciation for artist and their work.


Naples Art Assoc door


ABI: How do you feel community support can make the difference in an artist’s success?

AS: Community support is key to the success of an artist. The NAA works very hard to build connections with the community, giving greater exposure for the artist. Through our juried and non-juried competitions and exhibitions, we provide professional development for artists that challenge them through each step of their creative journey. Artists reap the rewards of those connections at each opening when the community comes together to celebrate with the artist.

ABI: Who else benefits from your outreach?

AS: Through our new initiative, the Creative Expressions program, we connect art and expression to help children and adults gain independence, strengthen self-confidence and promote healthy living through thinking about and creating art. We outreach to Alzheimer’s patients, those working through depression, those with visual impairments and mental or physical disabilities.


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Learn more about the Random Acts of Art Gallery by visiting their website.

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